Thursday, April 15, 2010


Playing in the mud can be fun.  As evidence by the fun I had last weekend at the Warrior Dash with my awesome friends (Tina and Sheree pictured below, among others who were there).  The mud was kinda smelly and gross, but it was still really fun and I highly recommend doing a mud run, it's like being a kid again.  After we finished the run and got all the muck and mud off us we got turkey legs and ate 'em off the bone.  The whole day was ridiculous and entertaining and totally worth it. Oh, and cause we got lost on the course they gave us a couple of free things (we are not directionally challenged, it was poorly marked), plus we got cool fuzzy warrior helmets and medals.  Check out the pics below and tell me that doesn't look like fun!  I'm ready to play in the mud again...

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