Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smart cars... Not so smart

Smart cars are inappropriate.  They are undersized and ridiculous.  The look like they should have a big key on the back and be wound up to go.  (Cearly I'm not the only one that thinks this, that photos was not difficult to find.)  Blech.  They irritate me.  So, stupid, I know, but I can’t help it, well, I could, I just choose not to. J  (Hey, at least I’m honest!) 

Whenever I see a smart car I want to run it over.  I don’t think it would be that difficult, I drive a 4Runner, so I think I could squish one easily.  This is not an acceptable car to be sharing the road with.  It just seems unsafe.  If this car got into an accident with a large SUV it would be crunched.  How is this road-worthy?  Also, I’m pretty sure a smart car is small enough to fit into the back of my vehicle.  Definitely not safe.

I can see how these cars are appropriate in Europe, where the streets are tiny.  There big SUVs are the ridiculous looking vehicles.  But, here, especially in LA, on major freeways these little bitty things need to go.  Have you ever seen one driving next to a big rig?  Yikes.   I mean really, are these cars necessary on the streets of LA?  I say no.  Go get a real car!

The thing that really actually irritates me about these cars, besides their ugliness (and let’s admit it, this is not a sexy car), is the fact that it can fit into the tiniest of parking places.  My car could never imagine fitting into one of those teensy spots, I mean I have put it into a “compact” space in a parking lot, but it’s a tight fit, to say the least.  I park on the street at my apartment and there is a smart car that I see that fits into little itty bitty spots all the time.  These are not spots that I could EVER think about putting my car into and it irritates me.  I realize this is a stupid thing to be irritated about, but I am.  (If you don’t like it, don’t read this, it’s my blog and I’ll rant and rave if I want to!)

Okay, I’m done with my rant and I will stop complaining about these idiotic vehicles.  At least for a little while.

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